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Get Started With LinkedIn Ads: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

LinkedIn advertising can be a bit overwhelming, especially for marketers who are just starting out. The platform’s unique advertising structure and target audience may seem daunting at first, but once you unlock its intricacies, LinkedIn becomes an invaluable tool for B2B marketing. As a Full-stack digital marketing agency, Mass Reach understands the importance of reaching a sophisticated audience with considerable purchasing power. In this blog, we’ll demystify LinkedIn ads and guide you through setting up your first campaign, tailored to boost your business.

Let’s dive straight in.

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Setting Up Your Campaign

To kick off your LinkedIn Ads journey, head to the LinkedIn advertising dashboard and click on Advertise to create a new campaign.

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Once you’re in the campaign dashboard, the platform will prompt you to choose your ad objectives.

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LinkedIn provides various options like brand awareness, website visits, engagements and conversions. However, at Mass Reach, we recommend focusing on website conversions or lead generation for tangible business results.

Selecting The Right Ad Formats

LinkedIn’s ad formats are unique and alongside the traditional single ad, carousel ad, and video ads, there are special formats like message ads and spotlight ads.

A message ad, as we’ve observed at Mass Reach, delivers promotional content directly to your target audience’s inbox. The platform’s AI-driven spotlight ad allows for content personalisation based on user profile data.

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As you progress through your campaign setup, don’t forget to create a LinkedIn Company Page to promote your business and input your payment details.

Audience and Budget Strategies

Choosing the right audience is a crucial aspect of your ad campaign. LinkedIn offers various audience attributes to refine your targeting, including demographics, education, job experience and interests.

In terms of the budget, you can choose to pay for impressions or clicks. Mass Reach recommends the latter for its action-driven nature. Set an overall lifetime budget to avoid overspending and schedule your ads for optimal performance.

LinkedIn Advertising: Audience and Budget Strategies - Mass Reach

Pro tip from Mass Reach: Do not blindly follow LinkedIn’s audience size recommendations. Aim for a diverse range of audiences for the best results.

Audience Expansion Techniques

LinkedIn’s audience expansion feature, as we’ve experienced at Mass Reach, uses AI to suggest additional audiences based on your initial selection. Test it out by creating two similar ads—one with audience expansion enabled and one without—and compare their performance. In our experience, this impacts the lead quality.

Moving on to the actual ad creation, this is where you add images and text and preview how your ad will appear on both desktop and mobile feeds. Customise your ad to your liking and make sure to always provide a destination URL.

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Quick Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Ads Conversion

  • Keep your content concise and compelling; you have about 10 seconds to capture your audience’s attention.
  • Use recognisable leaders, such as your company’s CEO, this can boost conversions by up to 150%, as observed by Mass Reach.
  • Consider using location and job titles over age, LinkedIn deduces users’ ages from their profile milestones and may not be 100% accurate.
  • Incorporate noteworthy statistics and testimonials, as they can significantly enhance click-through rates by up to 37% and lead to 162% more impressions, according to LinkedIn’s research.
  • Always uncheck LinkedIn’s audience network option.

LinkedIn advertising might seem daunting initially, but with Mass Reach’s tailored guide, you should be well on your way to mastering it. Happy marketing!

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