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How To See Competitors Google Ads?


In this blog, we will explore a powerful tool that allows you to conduct in-depth research on Google ads and gain insights into your competitors’ advertising strategies. This tool, known as the Google Ads Transparency Center, provides you with valuable information about the ads being run by different brands and advertisers. We will discuss how to use this tool effectively and highlight its various features.


Before we dive into the details of the Google Ads Transparency Center, let’s talk about some common methods of conducting competitor research. Many marketers rely on tools like Semrush or manually search for their competitors’ ads to gather information. Others use AI systems to create ad copy and headlines. While these methods can be effective, the Google Ads Transparency Center offers a more comprehensive and efficient way to analyse your competitors’ ads.

Understanding the Google Ads Transparency Center

The Google Ads Transparency Center is similar to the Meta Ad Library. It allows you to enter the page of a competitor or a brand running ads and access information about their ad campaigns. You can view images, videos, and ad copies, as well as see the number of variations they are running. This tool is particularly useful for analysing Google ads.

Exploring Different Topics

One interesting feature of the Google Ads Transparency Center is the ability to explore different topics. You can switch between all topics and political ads. While we won’t delve into the reasons for this, it’s worth noting this option.

Additionally, you can search within specific time windows and locations, making it a versatile tool for research purposes.

Format Options

The Google Ads Transparency Center allows you to filter ads by format. You can choose from image, text, or video ads. This feature provides you with valuable insights into the type of content your competitors are using in their campaigns. For example, you can select “video” to see all the video ads being run by a specific advertiser or brand.

Case Study: Nike

To illustrate the effectiveness of the Google Ads Transparency Center, let’s take a look at Nike’s ad campaigns. Using the tool, you can search for and explore their ads across different formats. You can interact with the ads, view the images and videos, and even analyse specific elements like the copy and button placement. This information can be invaluable when crafting your own ad strategies.

Applying the Findings

While the example of Nike may not be directly relevant to your business, you can apply similar research techniques to your industry. For instance, if you are a marketing agency, you can analyse the ad campaigns of other agencies to gain inspiration or identify common trends. By studying your competitors’ strategies, you can adapt and improve your own advertising efforts.

Looking Beyond Ads

The Google Ads Transparency Center also provides insights into other aspects of a brand’s advertising. For example, you can explore search campaigns and display campaigns. By examining the landing page content and site link extensions, you can gather ideas for your own campaigns. This comprehensive approach allows you to fine-tune your ads and optimise their performance.


The Google Ads Transparency Center is a valuable tool for conducting in-depth research on your competitors’ ad campaigns. With its ability to provide insights into different formats and topics, it empowers marketers to make informed decisions and create compelling ads. By leveraging the information available through this tool, you can gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving world of online advertising.

We encourage you to explore the Google Ads Transparency Center and see what valuable insights you can uncover. Experiment with different searches, analyse competitor campaigns, and apply your findings to enhance your own advertising strategies. Remember, staying ahead of the competition is crucial in today’s digital landscape. Good luck!

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